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Tips for Breezing Through Your Special Day

If you're getting married soon then you're likely quite happy. Coupled with that happiness, however, is bound to be a certain amount of stress. As your special day approaches, your stress levels could get the better of you if you don't carefully manage it.

Here are some quick tips for successfully managing stress and breezing through your special day:

Preparing your dress

There are plenty of other last-minute wedding dress mishaps that could occur, but as long as you take a deep breath and grab a bridesmaid or two, you'll come up with a solution together, and everything should be fine. There is usually nothing that a bit of needle and thread, stain remover or other useful items can't fix.

Managing your makeup & shoes

Even if you don't normally wear makeup, you want yours to be perfect on your big day. Smears, smudges and other makeup mishaps could cause you to become frantic. Luckily, water-proof mascara, ice to reduce under-eye puffiness, foundation to cover pimples and other simple beauty tips can work wonders.

Of course you'll want to ensure that your shoes are in tip-top shape as well. You need to make sure your shoes can be worn for more than a few minutes without causing pain, or you'll be miserable. You might want to wear the shoes around the house prior to the big day, which could help you to "break" them in. The specific choice is important, too, because if they hurt immediately, you may want to choose another pair, regardless of how perfect they may appear.

Hopefully these tips for breezing through your special day will ensure that everything is a complete success. If a problem or two arises, these tips can help you quickly fix things so you and your groom can enjoy your wedding to the fullest extent.

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