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Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses in Los Gatos

Brides plan for a beautiful and special wedding day. Every detail counts towards making the event a resounding success. From the dress to the choice of flowers, brides want to feel beautiful and stand out. Wearing vintage inspired wedding dresses in Los Gatos provides a sure-fire way to achieve this objective. With so many options from which to choose, there is something for every style and shape.

The gowns come with a number of benefits, including unique and superior designs. The dresses make it easier to achieve a gorgeous, timeless look.

1920s/30s Wedding Gowns

Dresses from the 1920s to 1930s are synonymous with figure-hugging designs and eye-catching embellishment. Brides can express their unique taste with a carefully chosen piece from this era. It is easy to find statuesque silhouettes and empire waistlines that grab attention and stun guests. Some of the gowns offered by retailers like In the Olde Manner boast intricate beading influenced by art-deco design. The store is located in Downtown Los Gatos.

Some of the offerings from the 1930s portray Hollywood glamour with exquisite details. Brides can select pieces with shimmering fabrics, eye-catching V-necklines and sultry backless designs.

A dress with a flare shape and silver lace detailing can turn up the chic without compromising on a snug fit. A V-neckline is ideal for any bride that is not keen on flashing too much skin. The cherry on top of the design is undoubtedly a fabulous illusion back with intricate detailing.

Non-white dresses

An ever-increasing number of brides are opting for non-white gowns. The trend is inspired by the need to break with the norm. Expanding the color options enables brides to find a unique dress that suits personal style. The white gown tradition started sometime in the 1940s. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's wedding contributed to a new trend, which saw new brides opt for white dresses. Queen Victoria chose the color as part of a frugal theme and the white gowns were more affordable than colored variants.

Before the royal wedding, brides chose the ideal color from a wide array of choices, including purple, green, deep red and black.

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