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Dressing the Mother of the Bride

If you take time to observe fashion trends across the world, you'll begin to see how the old is the "new new." The fact that the Chanel 2.55 handbag is a hit today when it was a mere experimental accessory in the 1950s, is testament to the fact that some things simply never go out of style. Wearing a vintage mother of the bride dress at a formal, traditional, wedding ceremony will definitely turn heads. It creates a distinctive memory of the day you gave away your daughter on one of the biggest days in her life. You want to stand out from the crowd, but not take attention away from your beautiful daughter. This is an area that may need a bit of guidance to properly dress for the occasion.

Dress The Part

Vintage is best suited for a formal wedding ceremony of any size-particularly the kind set in a classical, medieval cathedral with intricately designed windows and high arches. Vintage is a style that transcends the ages and never loses relevance. Timeless, authentic and beautiful in your maturity, people might confuse you for the bride if you're not careful. Lace is beautiful and classy and flowy materials with help keep you comfortable on even the hottest of days.

For The Bride

The only way to celebrate your mother's innate charm and poise is to dress her up accordingly. Trends that set the pace during her heyday will remind her of her own youth and fill her with the pride of seeing her daughter experience her own momentous wedding day. Most vintage dresses are crafted from modest themes and traditional color constructions that are appropriate for the occasion. Having a myriad of vintage styles to choose from allows you the advantage of choice, ensuring that she doesn't settle for less. You want to make her feel special on your day as well.


Compliment that lovely dress with a gorgeous pearl necklace and an irresistible pearl bracelet to match. White leather gloves carry a unique presence of long ago summers, although they may be saved for later in the season when the weather is cooler. Glamorous accessories once reserved for long gone eras are quintessential for completing a vintage outfit. Beautifully beaded handbags, hats and shawls all add elegance without taking away from the star of the show. Your best bet is to consult with our staff here at In The Olde Manner to decide what your style will be for your little girl's big day.

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