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Great Hairstyles for Great Dresses

Hollywood has always had its charm, but there is something about Old Hollywood that feels golden and glamorous. Perhaps this is one reason why many cinema aficionados love the look and the dresses. The only thing missing are some great hairstyles for great dresses.

Old Hollywood Hairstyles

The 1920's

The best hairstyles to wear with 1920's dresses are the following:

- Earphones: This look bunches hair over the ears and was quite popular with young women in the 20s.

- The Bob: Of course, the bob is another look that was quite popular at the time. It was actually introduced by a famous dancer named Irene Castle back in those days.

- The Shingle: This is a bob haircut that tapers down the neck. It is a sexy but conservative look.

The 1930's

- Curls: Adding curls to the top of the hair or on the sides was quite popular at the time.

- Side Parting: The idea here is to keep the hair on the top straight but adding exaggerated curls at the bottom of the hair.

- Long Waves: Women with long hair would add defined waves to their hair. It was definitely a look that most people would associate with the decade.

The 1940's

- Rolls: Short hair with lots of rolls was quite popular in a time when many women were in the workforce.

- Pompadours: This is perhaps one of the most famous looks of the decade. Women would make the hair on the forehead high and push the rest of the hair back, which was either waved or smoothed.

- Braids: Braiding hairstyles tucked long hair away and were quite popular at the time. This look will complete the ensemble with your 1940's dress.

These are just some of the many styles that will help complete any Old Hollywood ensemble. It not only adds to the style, but the feel of elegance you get when stepping out with your new outfit!

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