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Which Veil Is Right for Your Day?

Save the gown, the bridal veil is perhaps the most important accessory on your wedding day. All eyes are on the bride as you glide down toward your partner to be. Typically, you should look for the right veil only once you have zeroed in on the perfect gown. Emphasis is placed on the veil as it is supposed to compliment the bridal gown and augment the unique charm and beauty of the bride.

There are plenty of veil styles to choose from. Among them:

Birdcage and Flyaway veils (on the shorter side - 9 to 18 inches)

Shoulder and Elbow length veils (20 inches and above)

Mid-hip veils (32 to 35 inches)

Finger-tip veils (the most commonly chosen one - 40 to 45 inches)

Knee or Waltz veils (around 75 inches) and Semi-Waltz veils (60 inches)

Chapel veils and Cathedral veils (105-120 inches)

Regal or the Royal veil (in excess of 120 inches.)

As you can see, there are plenty to select from. However, which veil is right for you will depend on not only the style of your bridal gown but also the particular nature and mood of the event itself. For example, a Cathedral veil or a Royal veil will be appropriate only for very formal weddings. For more casual occasions, it is suggested that you go with other types of veils.

Next you will be working your bridal veil in with your carefully selected dress. To cite but a few examples, a Fingertip veil would be ideal to go with a ball gown featuring a tulle skirt, whereas a Chapel veil would be more appropriate for a classic ball gown. Again, for an A-line gown with a back featuring ornate designs, a Shoulder or an Elbow-length veil would appear as the best choice. On the other hand, Mid-hip veils are the best option for modified A-line dresses.

The choices are aplenty and since you want everything to be perfect, we recommend you consult a reputed bridal boutique that would assist you along with your choices. If your wedding is to take place near the charming town of Los Gatos, then The Olde Manner bridal boutique is one of the best places you can turn to for counsel on your bridal ensemble. There you will find the expertise and care to help you make all the right choices and in the process, make that special day of your life one that you are going to cherish in memory for years to come.

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