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Here's What Your Wedding Cake Says About You

Wherever we decide to tie the knot in Los Gatos or in another beautiful Bay Area venue, getting married is one of the most significant times of our lives and the moments we share during our wedding are likely to stay with us forever. Such moments include the unveiling of our wedding cake. When the wedding cake is unveiled, it is the cake design that takes center stage.

What Your Wedding Cake's Cake Design Says About

Believe it or not, your wedding cake design can say a lot about the personality of one or both members of the couple. For example, a simple, elegant, and perhaps 'naked' cake design can reveal a personality that is minimalist in its approach, preferring a stripped down, simplistic kind of beauty to one that is filled with frills. The opposite may be true about you if you prefer to have a cake that is topsy-turvy and very creatively designed. This sort of creativity may reveal a personality that is just as creative, unique, and unafraid of being different. Chances are you are fun, funky, and have an endearing taste for the dramatic.

Of course, sometimes when we think of the cake design of the wedding cake, we think of something that stands out. Whether a couple or part thereof prefer a simple or elegant cake to a topsy-turvy one (or vice versa), there is often the desire to "make a statement" with a wedding cake. Sometimes in doing so, a couple will choose an elaborate cake that is large cake and goes on for several layers. However, the desire to make a statement is often indicated by personalizing the design.

Many couples are increasingly choosing to incorporate symbols and elements of their love story into the cake design of their wedding cake. If you are one of these persons, chances are you like having whatever you do or like to be different from everybody else's. You are more about being yourself and highlighting what makes you who you are than you are about outdoing someone else. Kudos to you!

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