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Tips for Planning a Wedding

Make The Announcement

Most couples want their parents and close family members to know the big news before they announce it to the rest of the world. If the parents all live close, try to tell them all together. If they don't, carefully plan out that special call!

Delve Into Dreams

Sit down and talk ideas with that fiance you love. Talk about whatever style you truly would like from a sit down dinner in a ballroom, to a ceremony on the top of a mountain, to a beach bash!

Figure Out The Timing

It is so important you think about and consider what season you want to marry and what month would best please you. This will also give you the length of time you have to put everything together. And figuring the location and the size of the planned affair will help you get a grip on the costs that will be involved, the travel arrangements that need to be made and the specific listing of guests you want to attend. Getting this base organized as soon as possible makes any adjustments that will be needed later easier to handle.

Now Start Talking Money

It is so important you figure a bottom line out in these days when the bride's parents typically are not picking up the tab for the whole affair! Get together with both sets of parents and get a handle on just how much each side will be contributing to the whole.

Get Things Organized

Get yourself a notebook and then section it off for each budget category. This helps keep you organized and helps you keep tabs on what you will need to spend on each item. When you see that you are approaching the separate limits, you can figure where best to cut costs and how to do that.

Finding Your Venue

If you marry in your home town place of worship, things are fairly simple. Of course, very often couples will look to find a venue located between where both families live to make things easier for most. Of course, there is also the destination wedding where people travel to join you. In this instance, you have to make certain that everyone you truly want to be there can in fact make it!

The Reception Venue

You may want an outdoor garden wedding and if this is so, weather becomes a major consideration. Perhaps a small and quaint hotel may be the venue you are seeking. Sometimes, in some areas, a historic home of some sort may be available to rent. Take your time and find the venue which best suits you and your dreams.

To Narrow Down Options, Use Local Resources

Check bridal magazines and local wedding websites. Talk to a recently married friend or a wedding planner and then start making your visits!

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