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Ivory vs. White Wedding Dress Skin Tone Matching

Many brides to be want to look their best on their wedding day. It is only natural, considering that how you look on your wedding day will be remembered by family and friends forever. One of the best things that you can do to look your best is to select the perfect wedding dress.

A clear white dress has been the traditional choice for centuries, as the color's connotations with innocence and purity fit a bride well. However, ivory dresses are becoming increasingly popular due to the desire of many brides to change it up without straying too far from the traditional look.

Which choice is right for you in the White vs Ivory Wedding Dresses debate? The answer comes down to your natural skin tone. You want your wedding dress to complement your natural skin color well, after all. A true white is a great option for individuals with darker skin, as the contrast helps the ensemble to pop. Women with yellow undertones in their skin also look great in pure white. Sometimes, the traditional look truly is the best.

Women with fairer skin, however, can appear completely washed out if they opt for a pure white dress. If this describes you, you should go with an ivory dress, which effectively has a cream coloration. The dress itself provides the yellow undertones absent from your natural skin color, producing the same popping effect described above. At a glance, an ivory dress does not differ too much from a pure white one. You can still achieve a traditional look without the traditional color, if you desire.

If you are feeling more adventurous, modern bridal salons offer more color options than they ever have before. Rum pink dresses have pink undertones, but still appear white in many photographs. Champagne-colored dresses are effectively a deep ivory with a more pronounced yellow undertone. The best way to determine if less traditional colors can give you the look you want is to try them on and see how you like them.

Gone are the days when women were forced into a white dress for their special day. Now, you have the right to choose whatever color and style best represents your personality. Choose correctly, and you will look truly gorgeous!

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