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Choosing a Wedding Dress Style

Most women dream of walking down the aisle on that big day, although once that day actually comes there are a hundred things to be planned for everything to go smoothly. Choosing a wedding dress style is one of the decisions any bride will need to make, and the following tips can help you, whether your style is laid back, or you are planning a formal and candle lit ceremony.

Discover Your Inner Bride

One way to determine your dress style is to try to picture yourself in a dress walking down the aisle. When you close your eyes and picture yourself on the big day, write down six words that best describe how you see yourself, or how you want to feel that day. You may come up with traditional, sexy, sophisticated, or summery, depending on whether you see yourself in a full ball gown or with loose hair, wearing a more flowing and casual type of dress. Your groom should try this exercise too, to see how you both compare.

Celebrate the Setting

Of course, choosing a wedding dress style is a matter of personal preference, and every bride should feel free to choose a dress they feel comfortable in, that reflects their personality. However, you should also take into account the venue for your ceremony. You and the groom probably won't want to wear a cathedral length veiled dress, top hat and tails if your chosen venue is casual, such as an outdoor garden party, or perhaps on the beach. You probably won't consider a short sun dress the right attire if you are planning a formal and candlelit wedding ceremony.

Don't Forget the Details

Regardless of your choice of venue and dress style, you can focus on the details to bring your personal tastes and style sense into the ceremony. Your groom may want to slip into a pair of boots, if you consider yourself to be the traditional country bride. Consider wearing a kilt if you have Scottish heritage, or whatever article of clothing or accessory is applicable. Your own tastes can show even if you decide to do everything the traditional way.

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