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5 Creative Ways to Save For Your Wedding

Weddings are no more the simple affairs they used to be back in the day. The entire wedding expenses wouldn't have been more than $300 then, which would have included expenses for pictures, a modest cake, etc.

By comparison, modern weddings have become a grand affair. Numerically speaking, average wedding costs are now $30,000.

That's the sum you would spend for a three year university degree. And most people who splurge on their weddings have confessed exceeding their budgets.

However, this need not be the norm always.

Though you'll no longer be able to have a modern wedding for what you would have spent during the 1960's, we can certainly help you stay below national average. With the majority of things, it's best to start from the top. The following are the five costliest wedding expenses and some creative ways for spending money. In other words, they are 5 creative ways to save for your wedding.

Average Venue: $8,798

Generally, people get married in September, August and June. You may pick another month. When getting married during the marriage season, you are likely to pay for the wedding venues since there's more demand than what's on supply. Spend less money and book your dream venue in the first three months of the year. If you're keen on getting married during summer, book a date on less popular days such as a Sunday morning or Friday evening.

Don't go for the extra stuff. Consider what comes with your venue as a package. And then drop the costly add ons. Could you adorn the space by self? Skip the in-house chef? Is renting your own linen, chairs, and tables elsewhere possible? There's nothing wrong in inquiring.

Take a lateral thinking approach. There are several interesting wedding venues, such as a friend's palatial backyard or a state park cabin. If these options do not grab your fancy, look for other options such as a pool-side clubhouse, community center, or grand lodge via a family member.

Average Catering: $6,877

Keep the food casual - perhaps a Southern BBQ with the necessary fixings. Bring on-board your favorite restaurant for catering a large buffet, keeping the beverage options simple such as tea and water. The food should be the attraction.

Omit the primary dish. If the wedding is going to be early afternoon, replace lunch with brunch since eggs come cheap. And if the ceremony is during the evening, you cannot go wrong with popular appetizers such as a nacho bar with guacamole and fresh queso. If you like sweets, try a sophisticated fondue bar, with mounds of strawberries and cakes and high-end chocolate.

Keep the 10 percent rule in mind. Catering firms do not like running out of food. Typically, that is why they make for 10 percent more food than what's ordered. Therefore, underestimate your head count and save money. Even in case all people show up, you could bet on quite a few picky eaters, dieters, or reception bailers.

Let people eat pies and cupcakes instead of a conventional wedding cake, since they're affordable. But if you cannot skip the cake, look for a smaller or stunt cake, with many big sheet cakes stored in the kitchen for cutting and serving later.

Average Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring: $6,573

Outsmart the promotions. Have a ring that is not standard by modern standards. Go for stainless steel, wooden, or sapphires and rubies.

Go vintage! If you still fancy diamonds the most, locate a piece that has some character. Antique jewels are perfect blends of classy and classic. Just do not forget negotiating, particularly if you are purchasing wedding bands at the same store.

Average Videography and Photography: $4,093

Look for a friend discount. Most have acquaintances with a professional photographer or an individual who has professional photography skills. If you're happy with a less experienced videographer or photographer, you'll save money and the photographer would also give his best shot since those pictures would help build his portfolio.

Ensure your photographer doesn't stay for long or click pictures of every moment. Just the wedding pictures should matter.

Average Honeymoon: $3,882

Head to a nearby place but make sure it's not too close that you miss the honeymoon feeling. Choose a nearby place that you haven't visited before.

The rainy season is the ideal time if you'd like to save money. If you want to feel the Caribbean sand, head over during off seasons. The weather may not be the best, but you would still enjoy restaurant, five star resort and spa services for a week.

Weddings are tiring and costly affairs. But if you're running out of energy and money, you need not oblige. Save as much money you possibly can and use that for your honeymoon, or perhaps your first anniversary.

The happiness you derive from your wedding doesn't necessarily correlate to how much you spend. Therefore, spend the amount you can and add your unique twists to make things special. And never run into debts as far as wedding expenses go.

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